Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Although it's been quite busy recently, we haven't been too on fire with our posting. So  here's some of the things you've missed:

1. This weekend we were blogging for Nottingham Vintage Fair. We'll have photographs and an article up here and on the Vintage Fair's blog soon. We're also heading to the next one at The Custard Factory in Birmingham this Saturday, so if you're around check it out.
2.We've just joined Twitter, so follow us at where we'll be tweeting fashion notes and updates on what's going on.
3. We've been using this great site ILikeMyStyle to spread the word about Fashion strand and get some inspiration. It's the online hub for contributions to the first user generated fashion magazine, we've got the latest copy and it's brilliant. We've found a girl called Immelia from Germany, who's blog is She's always posting great photos of her style and places she's been, take a look!

To be honest, that's not even everything. We met some interesting people and found out about some exciting events that are coming up in Nottingham when we were at the Vintage Fair, so we'll be sharing it all with you asap!  
H&E xx 

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