Sunday, 26 September 2010

Birmingham Vintage Fair

So far, Birmingham has been the most impressive as to the range of style. What we found nice is that Birmingham seemed to have people with equally stylish friends, as many pictures were taken in pairs or groups!
Below we've picked out the most impressive styles:

Seventies style
Luke & Danni show a colour coordinated couple who enjoy the interesting patterns in Vintage. Luke is inspired by a mix between Russel Brand and Austin Powers to creatre his own unique look.

The 'For Real Fur' look
Vintage is given a luxurious style by the use of modern denim with a touch of a real weasel scarf. Tom Mason (photographed above) designs and makes his own clothes at only 16 years old. The 'YSL' replica print was created by himself.

The cute couture
Eva Browning and Abi Copson, at age 16, create 60's chic inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Pattie Boyd and Alexa Chung. As well as remaining stylish, they use their spare time to focus on their band, 'The Lovetts'!

The Medieval-style Muse

James Blincox uses a mix of textures to his advantage in his individual vintage dressing. Even though he wears real fur, James remains a 'veggie' and admires the style of Patrick Wolf.
Pam Cheema
We met the director & stylist of Frock on Vintage who impressed us with her range of individually sourced Vintage pieces. The next step for the brand will be opening a store in Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham, and we'll be reporting on the launch party in October.

A special thanks to Jenny Seddon, Rebecca Egan, Lauren Gordan, Kirsty Norbary and Ashley Moore (photographed above). We loved their muted palette of colours and sophisticated style.

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