Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Precious jewels

Alex Monroe

Representatives from Alex Monroe, Mollie and Rosie

 One of Britain's top jewellery designers, who we are told is a typical English fanatic, exhibited his new collection at London fashion Weekend.
His most popular piece is the infamous bee, which we saw a number of fans all over the event wearing! Due to the demand for this piece, Alex Monroe has brought out a new collection of the classic necklace, the cute new rendition of a baby bee provides an alternative that is as sweet as honey.
Rosie (on the left pictured above) is part of Alex's team, creating jewellery each day within the prestigious workshop. Molly, who recently joined the company as an intern, is learning quickly about the focus on quality. As materials are sourced in the UK, the company provides a highly exclusive product to the costumer.
We admired that the representatives were committed employees who knew about the company, rather than simply sales assistants.

To find out more about Alex Monroe visit our write up on his woodland inspiration at Our guest blog on OSOblog,
or visit the Alex Monroe blog to find out inspirations for the new 'Daisy Bell' collection.

an array of statement pieces
this ring gave the effect of spanning over several fingers but had the practicality of just being on one

As seen on Olivia Palermo
 Known for their extensive range statement jewellery, Mawi is the London based jewellery house who combine swarovski crystals and gold plated metals to create contemporary pieces for the modern fashionista. Mawi's pieces are to be ' bought, worn, collected, cherished and treasured.' The house describe their creations as 'luxury statement pieces', and their impact was clear for all to see at London Fashion Weekend.

Their long pendants made from metallic tubes and statement gems would complete a simple black dress, whilst the heavily encrusted necklaces were perfect for outfits requiring ultimate glamour. We fell in love instantly with the bold cuff which Evie slipped on, adding instant chic to her blazer and complimenting the golden tones in her outfit perfectly.

Take a look at the Mawi online store, and take a look in the treasure trove for yourself.

Clara Francis

Self-taught jewelry creator, Clara Francis, takes children's fairy tales and works them into her collection of grown up and delicate designs.
Clara initially trained as an actress, where in her breaks from the stage she explored and experimented with the traditional method of beading through vintage patterns. The tiny glass beads are sourced all the way from Japan to create intricate interesting designs that would enable a woman to 'dress up any outfit'.
Recently, for the Cherry on the cake exhibition at the V&A, Clara was invited to design and create a piece inspired by the grand historical place itself.
Some designs can take up to 10 days to make but Clara's patience for a beloved trinket is worth the excessive hand work.

Laura Tabor

The London based jewellery designer, Laura Tabor, impressed us with her range of stunning and desirable pieces. Laura graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2001, and from then after she has been designing for other other companies on a freelance basis, and  even creates bespoke pieces for one off requests.
The trinkets are all made by hand, we found her at Vodafone London Fashion Weekend crafting jewellery on the spot in front of delighted customers.  For inspiration, Laura takes photographs of 'anything and everything', from autumn leaves to the sweet and sugary, where she then mixes traditional techniques with a contemporary twist to create elegantly sculpted complimentary pieces.
Laura's favourite pieces are the 'Sugar Mice' ring and earring (as pictured above) which feature a miniature mouse with a tiny moving tail. To further her love of beautiful decoration the next step for Laura is bringing out a cookbook next year, we can't wait to see what she's been cooking up.

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