Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Azuni Insight

Whilst hunting for the best buys within London Fashion Weekend, we came across an array of interesting sales managers and designers.
Azuni was started in London by a former chef who changed his passion for food to jewellery, and has experienced an increasingly successful career since the company was established 10 years ago. Creating jewellery inspired by ancient cultures, Azuni collaborates with a wide range of popular UK and European fashion labels such as Jigsaw, Edina Ronay, Ronit Zilka and Paul Smith.

Harriet's favourite ring, with an exquisite mountain opal

Andrew, the enthusiastic sales partner from Azuni, commented on the change in consumers' mindsets since the company first started out. Azuni has a beautiful collection of fine jewellery, crafted from precious stones and metals, and chooses to steer clear of cheap materials that other companies sometimes use. They even recycle old pieces to create something more desirable.

Exclusively priced range of jewellery from last season

Andrew told us that costumers are increasingly drawn towards the aesthetic of products rather than the quality. It's unfortunately true that companies are selling products at an unjustifiable high price, Andrew added that branding is making costumers lose sight of what items are really worth. For example, many customers are unaware of the precious gems like Tourmaline that are used in their beautiful pieces.

Interestingly, Azuni's prices at London Fashion Weekend were at a bare minimum for their worth, as Andrew notes that there's no point in these items being made to be kept under a bed for seasons to come, that the jewellery they make should be worn by women who will appreciate. We really enjoyed talking to Andrew, we're sure everyone finds overpriced fashion a little tiring, and his views were pleasantly refreshing. Take a look at the gorgeous new collection at

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