Thursday, 23 September 2010

Designer Sample Sale

There we were, walking around Nottingham, thinking we're going to London tomorrow and what to wear, if only we could afford to splash the cash on the luxuries of designer. Even though we had just got paid, we couldn't seem to find anything we wanted to wear to London Fashion Weekend.

The sale was hosted by as the clothes had been used in previous photo and studio shoots. The clothes were marked down into this sale since they had been damaged somehow by models and fitting etc. But we seemed to think the damage was hardly noticeable or unfixable.

The Vivienne Westwood 'New Drape Top' which is gold/black/blue stripped with extra long sleeves, and I mean really long. Was £189 Now £70 due to a slight run in the knit where the sides had stretched but definitely fixable.

The Bargain of the day, a bright pink Jersey 'Fortune  Dress' which was about £189 too, down to £20! Because of Vivienne Westwood's exquisite pattern-cutting the dress photographs badly as the shape is emphasised on one side to create a magnificent drape.

Close up of unusual bonded random pleats in crinkled fabric which is quite extraordinary.  

And my favourite item possibly ever. A Burberry double brested trench coat in a silver/pale grey. Since Burberry was revamped with style, steering away from the old classic pattern which was adopted by British Chavs, the clothes have been more likable than ever.
Was £539 Now £134, as there was a missing belt but luckily I happened to have a matching belt from accessorize. I don't know about you but I think that's destiny.

Harriet's designer treasures will be coming soon, but I'd check it out if you want to grab a universal wardrobe item that will last you a lifetime.
Also hopefully this will happen again and we will notify you as loyal readers so you can get the best items next season.

P.s keep looking at the blog because, as mentioned earlier, we are going to London Fashion Weekend tomorrow to cover the event and report back on up and coming designers, bargains of the day and the official catwalk show!

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