Monday, 1 August 2011

New Designers 2011 at the Business Design Centre

unfortunately, I picked this card up because of this designers lovely versailles-style textiles interior design, but the card was actually to promote leeds university.

Petra Horvath, textile designer
"A vibrant, rich collection of print designs for structured dresses on heavy leather intended for the high end of the womenswear market."

Laura Adamson, Fashion Fabrics and Accessories designer

Chantella Louise, Textile designer
(I was actually disappointed by her card, above, because this print was the weaker of her designs)

Thomasina Louisa, Textile designer

Rachel Chomczko, Printed textiles

Charlie Rose, Textile designer

Sandy Powell, textile designer for interior and fashion accessories

Sophie Wilson

Amy Stubbs

70s textile product print

Edgey fashion design at De Monteford

Shoes at Northhampton