Thursday, 30 September 2010

Fashion With a Conscience

Since 2007,  the Environmental Justice Foundation has encouraged shoppers to 'pick your cotton carefully' to try to improve cotton production without child labour involved. The charity helps promote awareness of the amount of child labour in cotton films by filming and photographing companies that deny speculation. Child labour usually happens in developing countries such as Pakistan and India where government involvement is limited.

Many of our local high street shops use the cotton that is farmed by children, however it's hard for companies in the UK to take control of what happens when production is outsourced.

These exclusive t-shirts were on sale at London Fashion Weekend
The Vodafone London Fashion Weekend catwalk exhibited how the t-shirt can be dressed-up to make the perfect statement, and for extra style points, the line up of legendary designers to collaborate with the charity includes Christian Lacroix, Luella and John Rocha.
 All t-shirts are made in the UK and produced with organic fair trade cotton and organic inks, making the garments unstoppable with both quality and ethical production. The t-shirts are designed around the theme of "childhood, lost innocence and hope".

Courtesy of Environmental Justice Foundation

T-shirts are often used by designers, such as Vivienne Westwood, to make a political statement as it's a clear way to make a message.
Models like Lily Cole have been at the forefront of the campaign, images have been seen throughout Elle and Vogue which has increased publicity dramatically. Other models who have been photographed to help are Devon Aoki, Noemie Lenoir, Noot Seear, Kimberly Stewart, Lui Wen and Poppy Delevigne. 
All the profits go straight back into the charity, allowing women to shop guilt-free.

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