Thursday, 21 April 2011

Grubby Gorgeous


Above, are shots of Miriam Rodruigez Juarez, taken by 20 year old photographer, Jessica Rigley. 

Our eyes were glued to the computer screen when we saw this gritty photo-shoot published on humble Facebook, only knowing Miriam as the red-haired fresh-faced aspiring model in the year below us at college. At just 16, she's been infront of several other photographer's lenses, but this is definitely our favourite portrayal of Miriam. Beautiful ain't she? We requested to publish the photos for you all to 'ooh' and 'aah' at as well, and asked Jessica to tell us a bit more about the shoot...

"The concept behind the images was to mix a trashy lifestyle (The burger, cola, grubby eating etc) with the glamourous lifestyle of a model to give a nice contrast. So to add to this I got Miriam to basically act as if she was completely off her head, falling over constantly to give the 'let loose' look in the falling images and giving her a great attitude when she was eating the burger. I even got her to growl, which as a first for her proved to be very interesting and amusing - getting us lots of attention from people shouting out of their car windows and trams pipping at us! For one of her first shoots, she conquered it all and proved extremely confident in front of the camera - and the audience we got every now and then! Also, with the images too I wanted to focus on hidden identity, covering her eyes taking that away from her, really adding to the edgy look to the images."

We love sharing Nottingham talent with you, and think you'll agree that Jessica has captured an 'ugly-pretty' that Tyra Banks would be proud of. To see more of Jessica's work visit her website here, and if you'd like to know more about working with Miriam, drop us a line (

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  1. Miriam is a fantastic potential; her bone structure gives her a sense of androgyny, which would make her a very versatile model for runway shows. Her eyes are also a fantastic feature, they allow her to look very strong and gritty ( as seen above), but they also allow her to portray a sense of vulnerableness, which is furthered by the feminine daintyness of her nose and the round modelling of her face. A truly beautiful girl.