Thursday, 12 May 2011

We love Lomogue

Nothing beats skipping out of the developers with a fresh pack of photographs; eagerly snapped and awaited, now mysterious and unpredictable in their sealed paper packet, moments away from their grand reveal. You just don't get that with digital cameras do you? Don't get me wrong, I adore the quality and versatility I get from my Nikon, but my Lomography Holga is never in its shadow.
On Monday I had a really cool time in front of the lens. Three Fashion Promotion and Communication students at Nottingham Trent: Kay, Anna, and Hannah, have started working on a zine called Lomogue. The first shoot took place in the gorgeous grounds of the University, and in the sunny Arboretum. Armed with an Action Sampler, a Diana, giant illustrations and a silver 1 shaped balloon, we got through many rolls of film! This is all in preparation for May 28th, where their publication will be sold amongst many others at Nottingham Zine Fair. Exciting stuff, here's a sneak peak...

With so many Lomo enthusiasts out there, the girls (below!) have already gained a huge following. Join it by following them on Twitter, checking out their regularly updated Tumlr, and liking their Facebook group! Harriet x

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  1. This is amazing!
    As I have said time and time again to you hazza, you should definitely be a model, you got it gal!
    Photographs are amazing!