Friday, 29 October 2010

Nottingham Makers Fashionshow at Gatecrasher

Saturday marked the end of a very busy and exciting week for us. We headed to Leicester's Vintage Fair bright and early then got straight down to business at Gatecrasher in the afternoon for the Nottingham Makers Fashionshow.
The event showcased Nottingham talent, both in music and design. It attracted a large audience, and as there was a 16+ entry age, the younger style enthusiasts were also accounted for, plus it was free entry! The venue was great for a fashion show, with different floors to enjoy the evening's entertainment from.
The Nottingham Makers Fashionshow was a great evening for both of us. Evie was running around backstage for interviews and photos, whilst Harriet was running around in outfits and getting lessons in walking like a model.

Below the crowd was the changing area. Models' hair was scraped in to fuss free buns and ponytails, and paired with simple make up so that the full focus was on the clothing.

The night was kicked off with several live music acts with sets from Koda Cola, The Black Sheep Band, The Avengers and Delta Sun.
Merrimaking showcased three hoods, our favourite being the extravagant centre piece, with glittering antlers.

Harriet Foster creates the ultimate shift dresses.

Rith Rath embodies Nottingham pride
Laura Smedley showcasing the New York city skyline through screen printing.

Mr.3 at Xample creates laid back cool clothes.

Samatha Brooke creates monochrome structural garments.
Jennifer Williams with her intricate knitted pieces.

Regenerate clothing showcasing their new line on womenswear.

Xample shaping Nottinghams style with key printed hoodies.
 The three young designers, Milly Melbourne, Alive Leverton and Emily Forrester formed the 'Xample Couture' collection.
this dress and cape were infact knitwear, very intricate!
A note on modelling from Harriet: Anyone who says models have an easy job, you're wrong. There's so much to concentrate on, arms hips back legs, I really surprised myself by not falling over. Having said that, it was great to be able to wear such gorgeous clothes. We love seeing young designers' work up close, so appreciating it like this was even better.   

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