Saturday, 9 October 2010

Nicky Clarke's star protege: Warren Holmes

 Warren Holmes
As a break from his career as the international creative director of Nicky Clarke's Salon, hairstylist Warren Holmes returned to his hometown to show Birmingham Style Live how hair on the catwalk is really done. 

Warren told us his mane obsession started when he was a young boy, mesmerised by his mother blow drying her hair. After imitating the action, he fell in love with the way that hair moved and could be manipulated, and by the age of 11 he was styling friends' hair.
At just 25, his ability to create such beautiful looks has already allowed him to work alongside many huge names, such as Chanel, Vogue, Tim Burton, Kate Moss,  and even The Royal Family.

Warren Holmes giving George Lamb the heads up on hair
Warren loves the realness of Birmingham, and made an appearance on stage to share his hair secrets with the public.
Our favourite was that naturally sexy hair is the key accessory to any look.

Warren experimented with textures for the show, creating a contrast between harsh scraped back gelled hair and waves, using a diffused curl brush to create an almost wrong/right look.

For Autumn/Winter 2010, Warren told us that height has been emphasised, and a plaited wrap knot is a key technique to master. However, the the 'hair tuck' style which has been seen on many of the catwalks is also set to be very popular. Channel the Jil Sandler do by tucking your hair into your coat, instant fuss-free chic. 
The side swept 1930s inspired wave appeared on the catwalk
Warren feels that the trends are becoming more about being effortlessly groomed rather than using lots of product for a perfect  glamorous look. He told us that the hair trends for Spring/Summer 2011 will lean more towards the naturally sexy styles, 70's sleekness being key, which involves long long hair with no layers, middle partings and a slight wave. Sounds good to us...

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