Friday, 22 October 2010

Britain's Next Top Model Live

So it's 2 o' clock and we've seen some really exciting live acts. We're having troubles uploading images at the moment, but we can tell you that we're writing this from inside a refurbished Airstream Caravan on a Product Red Dell Laptop. We're also drinking Tia Maria cocktails (consisting of Tia Maria, cranberry juice and a twist of lime), so it's been a both exciting and luxurious day so far.

We've found that a main focus of the event is the model scouting aspect, in line with the recruitment for cycle 7 of Britain's Next Top Model. We visited the leading Agency, Models 1, who told Evie that she has 'an interesting look' but needs a few extra inches in height! We even had a chat with two of their top models, we have an interview and pictures to be posted later. We've also spotted runway coaching at the Open Catwalk, where the public were invited to strut their stuff. One task involved the infamous book balance, it seemed some girls had the knack, whilst others, just didn't.

The Catwalk show was a fusion of music, dance and fashion, creating an unpredictable and memorable atmosphere. You can hear Diana Vickers belting out her new song from where we're sat, and from watching her live it's clear to see her talent in performing and song-writing have come a long way since the X Factor.

We're going to explore now, so a more detailed catwalk report will be posted soon, along with photos (hopefully) and interviews!

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