Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Video Interviews at Vauxhall Fashion Scout: Anna Lee and Nicole Murray.

So, when these were shot, the whole video interview thing was new to us. Please excuse the shaky hand, often questionable focus and the awkward interview voice, which is indeed Harriet's. 
When attending Vauxhall Fashion Scout's exhibition, Harriet took the chance to talk to a few of the designers whose collections caught her eye the most. Videos allow us to really translate the collection to you all - catwalk shots are cool but sometimes don't capture what we're interested in, which is the methods, materials and thought processes designers go through. And what better way to deliver all of this than video interviews with them? We hope you enjoy these! 

Anna Lee is a young designer, who after graduating from De Monfort University went on to be awarded the Zandra Rhodes Catwalk Textiles Award at Graduate Fashion Week in 2010. I met Anna by chance at the National Portrait Gallery's All Walks event, and it was great to see her collection up close at Fashion Week, I really want some of the crazy leggings! Such beautiful, skillfull prints. 

Above I talked to Nicole Murray about her Autumn Winter collection, Evie and I loved Nicole's designs from the moment we saw them up close last year, her traditional techniques that are adapted to the modern woman create garments that are beautiful, feminine, and wearable. This collection introduced leather, which was a gorgeous chestnut colour and so soft!  

We're going to be entering the realms of film much more from now on, using our YouTube channel, so keep watching!

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