Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Running, but not in heels, at Vodafone London Fashion Weekend.

We  always watch the TV programmes about the glamorous (the Hills) and not so glamorous (Ugly Betty) lives of Fashion Interns with dreamy eyes and hope in our hearts that, one day, it will be us at the front of that queue of models with a clipboard in one hand and a pen in the other, probably frantically ordering last minute adjustments to hair and the re-pinning of garments. So as you can imagine, we leaped at the chance to be runners behind the scenes of the Catwalk at Vodafone London Fashion Weekend.

Upon arrival at the tent in the courtyard of Somerset House, we were introduced to the Stylist Molly and her Assistant, Lily.We were then straight to work - and sent out on 'pick-ups.' To see the address of the Louboutin press office being written on the page before me was like heaven, that was until I had made it there, red faced from actually running, and felt the weight of 7 pairs of divine red soled platforms! I then ran back to the station with the discrete brown paper bags which were stuffed with pink tissue, the only give-away being the note attached to each, with 'Miss Molly' hand-written in the same classic font as the Louboutin signature which made the header above it. From there, I made my way to pick up a BodyAmr dress, which was handed over by Amr Ali himself!

Long before this, Evie had completed her pick up, which was Mark Fast garments. So by the time I got back, Evie had already completed the tasks of  checking that all the Mark Fast Garments were there, placing them on to hangers for models to try on with stylist Molly, and was making up the boards which display the models' head shots and looks. The twelve beautiful girls each had four looks, comprised of two trends (one being inspired by the film Black Swan, and the other putting a ladylike spin on the neon trend), and two designer collections, the first by Bora Aksu and the second by Mark Fast. Whilst clothes fittings were taking place alongside hair and make up, we took on the task of shoe fitting, wincing as the models literally squeezed their feet in to the skyscraper heels, jotting down requests for plasters and heel grips.

Once all of the shoes and clothes were organised, a shoe run through took place, confirming that a few models had sizing issues! This was rectified with the ingenious use of black tape, which was bound ever so tightly around the girls' feet if the shoes were prone to slipping off.

The models practicing their walks in the highest stilettos we've seen
Louboutins in action!

Above is Melinda's board and rail, we dressed her on Thursday. From left to right, the looks on the rail are by Mark Fast, Jasper Conran, Bora Aksu, and Jasper Garvida.

Valeria in a breathtaking Mark Fast dress, it took a few people to get this extraordinary     garment on and perfectly arranged.

Dressers and Molly's assistant, Lily, watch the live feed of the show by the side of the catwalk's entrance and exit.

We got some great shots of the models as they left the catwalk for the final time, they all seemed very pleased to have made it in their heels! Above is Ania P and below is Marie.

It wasn't all hard work - we also got to have a peek at what Fashion Weekend had to offer in our breaks, meet Ellie Goulding, who performed at the catwalk, and I was also asked to stand in for a hair demonstration in the VIP Lounge, (my hair was back-combed into the high buns seen on the models above, a painful experience, but totally worth it as I got to squeeze in to a leather Giles dress!). We know experience is a priceless attribute in the battle for jobs in the Fashion Industry, but we honestly would do this again and again without question. It's hard work, it's voluntary, but it is so much fun. Thank you to everyone we met!! xx


  1. am enjoying these behind the scenes shots. the mark fast dress is wonderful.

  2. Valeria B (premier) who is showing the Mark Fast long dress is perfect!

  3. Can any one tell me the shoe designer of the brightly coloured heels? Cant make out from photo

  4. Thanks everyone! And the designer is Kandee Shoes, find more here: