Monday, 10 January 2011

We're back! Published, representing, and on the scout...

It's been a short while since we've posted. The busy Christmas and exam period seemed to steal all of our time, but we're back with a vengeance are excited for the year ahead. So Happy New Year!

As we've said before, we are addicted to ILikeMyStyle, our favourite site for sharing and acknowledging great style. It's also is a sort of selection process for the first user generated magazine which bears the same name, so Harriet was really excited to be chosen for the current issue. With the colder months testing us all, many opt for a furry coat, and ILikeMyStyle were keen to explore people's opinions on the faux/real debate. Harriet was asked to write an article to accompany her photo sharing her views, and we were pleased when the issue arrived on the doorstep to see her photograph and writing had made it to the pages! It's a brilliant magazine, filled with photographs, interviews, articles and creative writing of fashion lovers from all over the globe, so get out and grab yourself a copy whilst they're hot off the press.

We've also got some exciting news about a new blogging venture, Nottingham's Hockley boutique Pink & Lilly have asked us to blog for them. So with regards to any new brands being stocked or fashion shows being organised, Fashion Strand is now the place to keep in the loop!

With the new year, we've decided to change a few things about Fashion Strand. One thing we're going to introduce is guest blogging, so if you'd like to contribute, get in touch with us by sending an email to Tell us a bit about yourself and any ideas you've got, we'd like to be a creative platform for more people than just ourselves, and are looking forward to hearing from you!

So that's it, we're back, watch out xx

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