Wednesday, 26 January 2011

60s Space Age - a few images from Evie's portfolio

Mui Mui, for Evie, was one of the Spring/Summer '10 collections that caught her eye, with a glorious array of patterns including birds, cats and dogs cut into shapes of circles and triangles. However structurally the cut outs bared subtle flesh next to sweet gathers creating a slight provocative feel on such niave, quirky garments. 

 I was already aware of the power-woman supernatural style apparant in the Versus collection and felt this was the direction I wanted to take but I wanted to widen my research of exisiting cut out dresses to see structurally how these dresses fitted to the womanly shape. The thing you have to be careful with this is of gaping gaps and lack of fit.

The draping circle and pleated skirts meant for me working with a laid-back cool jersey and the intricate cut-out pieces was complicated pattern-cutting that it seems I can't resist.

Above images from 70s film Logan's Run, 60s icon Jane Fonda as superhero Barberella, metallic structural garments and accessories, some photographs from David Bailey and archetural shoes.

The 1960s was the dawning of the sexual revolution and an extreme fascination with leather, metallic and the appearance of women having a bold yet glamorous persona. This concept of the future woman came frequently apparant in films, I especially looked at Jane Fonda in Barberella for inspiration.
Also I happened to find these amazing platforms of my mum's, which just seem out of this world.

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