Monday, 20 December 2010

Gok's Fashion Fix comes to Nottingham

Gok's fashion roadshow is touring the UK and on the 20th of Decemeber both high street and designer battled against eachother once again. We were both really excited to see what would actually happen when voting because many believe it's a 'fix'. By the way obviously  Fashionstrand can't post everything we saw or it would spoil the show.

Styles Nottingham saw come down the runway:

 Unfortunately Harriet had to rush off so the blogging, and most importantly voting, was left to Evie.
As a regular viewer of Gok's Fashion Fix I always grit in my teeth when high street wins because we feel they are over-accessorized, poorer quality and sometimes ridiculous.
But on visiting Gok's visit to Nottingham, he drasitically changed my opinion as unknowingly I voted for the one I thought looked best, the highstreet.

I think Gok's Fashion Fix proves that all design can be good or bad no matter what the price and in Gok's words, "there's only one winner: fashion!".

Fans swarming Gok for autographs and photographs

Brix Smith manages to look radiant compared to my flushed complexion.

Brix Smith rigourously searches in Gok's Fashion Fix for the most gorgeous garments and accesories that designer can offer.
Brix Smith launched an East End boutique in 2002, her success has enabled her to expanded to four boutiques and an online store. Her persona is undoubtly mesmerising and fabulous through her thrilling energy and whole-hearted enthuasm for fashion.

Brix told Fashionstrand that she loves fashion because you can use it as a tool, through styling and different looks it gives you the ability to wake up a different person!

The show had to be filmed twice, with various camera angles and 'audience shots' making it an interesting experience into the making of a television programme.
However you'll be pleased, or not so pleased to know, that Gok's Fashion Fix isn't a fixed.

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