Friday, 18 February 2011

Harriet hits London Fashion Week Day 1

Today, was day one of London Fashion Week. Anyone who knows me, will know how indecisive I am, so as you can imagine, it took me a very long time to get my arms out of my wardrobe this morning, and eventually onto the train which took me to my favourite city. I felt a little out of place on my local bus in platform wedges, 70's wide leg trousers and Evie's vintage biker jacket, but upon arrival at Somerset House, that all changed. 

I picked up my press badge from reception, along with a  canvas Mulberry tote bag which was invaluable storage for the leaflets/look books/cards i seem to have built up quite a collection of today. From there, I made my way around sections of the exhibition which spans through most of the building.

Stand still for 5 minutes in the courtyard and you become a honeypot for street-style snappers. I awkwardly posed for Fashion156, Vogue Portugal, Elle, and several style bloggers, amongst them Aindrea (writer of This Is Rags) and Nathalie (writer of No No Coco) who became lovely company from then on after a good chat about forgetting to take out lens caps off cameras and spending all of our money on clothes (Aindrea managed to save up £150 once…and spent it in Topshop on the way to the bank). 

We made our way around the Elle Launchpad exhibition and found some gorgeous things. My inner magpie came to the surface, as you'll see from my photos that will be posted as soon as I have time, the jewellery on offer was simply divine. We also loved the angular and adventurous sunglasses and beautiful fur coats (though I wish they'd been faux, I love foxes…when they're alive). 

Once we parted ways, with Nathalie debating whether to go to the PPQ afterparty and Aindrea making her way to Felder Felder, I left Somerset House in search of Freemasons Hall, venue of Vauxhall Fashion Scout. A much needed Redbull was offered on my exit, and I couldn't resist another caffeine kick in Pret en route. After inevitable location troubles (due to my terrible map reading), I found the venue and explored the exhibition. Amongst the designers showing were Nicole Murray, whose collections Evie and I have adored for some time now, and Anna Lee, who I spent Friday evening with at the National Portrait Gallery All Walks Late Shift! It was lovely to catch up and see their collections, Nicole has been using gorgeous chestnut leather and rich mauves and burnt oranges, whilst Anna Lee's vivid orient-inspired printed jersey and leggings are definitely now on my wish list. I filmed video interviews with both designers, so you can see their collections and get to know them as well! 

At 7.30, Jasper Garvida's show was due to start, however we were still queuing in the bitter London chill at 8! Once everyone made it inside, the show soon kicked off. With classical versions of brilliant songs such as Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit guiding the models down the runway, the show was an interesting one. I have it all filmed and ready to post, and for this I risked my life by joining other brave camera users on a ledge, balancing precariously in my extremely high heels! 

I wish I could have stayed and partied, but I am definitely Nottingham bound on the train, platforms off, blueberry muffin out, looking forward to a well deserved cup of tea that my brother has promised to make me when I get in at 1. It's been a lovely start to Fashion Week, I'll be posting the films, photographs and reports after some much-needed sleep. I'm looking forward to whatever the rest of the week may  hold, remember to follow us on Twitter for regular updates on what we're up to!

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