Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Vintage Fair Leicester

 Boys vs Girls? Boys seemed to capture Vintage style the best at Leicester!
Once again we travelled to The Vintage Fair to get the best that Vintage has to offer and spot the people who shape the style of their city using the past.
Held at The Auditorium, Leicester on the 23rd of October, customers shopped to the sound of  'If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake', had the opportunity to have vintage hair and makeup done by La Kreux and rested their feet whilst eating the tasty Carousal cakes!
One thing we must note about style - Dr Martens seemed to be the key staple on anyone's feet.

Joshua Moore captures the rock and roll style perfectly with converse, rolled up jeans and slicked back hair. He admires Rujous Hound's style and tells us he's actually a stripper!

18 year old, Josh Watters, sports cool with this Hockey t-shirt on top of baggy jeans and Doc Martens. We love his use of the yellow laces which tries in to the colour of birds wings on the top.

Katie Smith uses this heavily sequined black top from the Vintage Fair to create a glam grunge look with the fraying denim shorts and simple black tights. Glamour is shown through vintage of the 20's, in fact she doesn't stop at one era, telling us frankly 'I like clothes!'

At only 17, James, Georgina and Gina started up selling Vintage on eBay, buying the best from car boots to sell on to fans of the hand-picked garments, they now travel the Vintage Fairs under the name 'Seven Sistas'. With cut off sleeves, sturdy boots and the perfect vintage jumpers, the 80's is revived. There's also one thing for sure - they make bumbags look cool.

To check out the full review of the event which will be posted soon, visit The Vintage Fair blog

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