Saturday, 27 November 2010

'Frock On Vintage' - Old Clothes, New Twist.

When our travels took us to Birmingham for the Vintage Fair a few months ago, we came across Pam Cheema and her stall of magnificent hand-picked vintage items. Whilst having a good look through, we got talking and she told us about her plans to open a Vintage Studio.
 We kept in touch with Pam, and as she recently acquired a studio as planned, we were invited to the Custard Factory to take a look around. The Custard Factory is situated just six hundred paces from the Bullring, and is a growing hub for creative companies. Pam's got a really sweetly decorated space at 214 in the new Zellig building. Basically, the idea behind the studio is 'to shop quite comfortably and not have the hustle and bustle of the high street'. 

Pam offers people something that's 'good quality, affordable, and one off'. She's put a lot of thought in to sourcing pieces that people really want to buy, she says she's 'quite particular' and 'has a good eye' which is plain to see throughout her masterfully hand selected rails. There's a real selection of clothing, from evening glitz to winter warmers, Pam explained 'I love the 80's, I'm an 80's child! Glamour, bright colours, sequins. But at the same time I love the 60's as well.'

 When Pam first told us the concept of booking an appointment to have a look around, we were a little confused, as like everyone, we're used to just popping in and having a good look around local vintage warehouses. However, after visiting and experiencing the space, featuring a few rails of irresistible clothing, we now understand and love the personal take. Pam told us: 'I think it's really nice for people to be able to come to somewhere like the studio here. It's got a nice atmosphere, which I think makes a difference.' 

The studio is also another space for Pam's other ventures, as being a Stylist is another string to her bow: 'It's my own little Birmingham base, to style for fashion shows and magazines shoots. It functions as a little shop as well so I can style (shoppers)  so it's not simply just a styling base.' Pam feels that Birmingham 'hasn't quite got vintage yet like other cities' and is 'more attracted to the high-street', asking: 'why buy the same at 5 million other girls, when you can have something that's totally unique?' And we think she's right, don't you? 

To get in touch with Pam to book an appointment or find out more, visit

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