Monday, 16 August 2010

Nyssa Wheeler interview

How did your interest in designing start? To be honest, I was inspired by my mother who is an all round designer, i.e. fashion, interior etc. She made my sister's wedding dress which was absolutely AMAZING. That’s when I thought ‘I want to be able to do that’.

Do you have any Fashion training? I studied the foundation degree course at NCN Adams and then went on to complete the BA (Hons) Degree top up in Design. It was a bit random actually as I originally signed up for the drama course at NCN Clarendon, but on the day of induction I decided it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

What inspired the collection? The 90s era, especially American sitcoms such as Fresh Prince, A Different World & House Party (film). Also the music artists Mc Hammer and Salt N Pepa, as the music videos were really inspiring – the dancing, the outfits. The 90s was such a cool, fun era. The clothes were vibrant & fun and I love bright colours, I love to mix and match prints. I wanted my personality to show through the collection, and anyone that knows me would agree.

Who do you design for? I design a lot of outfits for my best friend Accallah Prince,  anybody that wants something making really- I tend to do more for women than men. Actually I used to design and make men’s jeans that used to sell quite well, but had to stop due to the work load from my final year of study.

Are There Any Designers That You Admire? I don’t really have a favourite designer as they are all so individual, there are plenty I admire. Issey Miyake, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy to name but a few. Givenchy creates some lovely garments.

What is your favourite item from the collection? There are a few pieces that I love, especially the jacket I wore, oooh I absolutely LOVE the leopard print catsuit with the casual jacket, the swimsuit, the ripped bleached jeans. I love the whole collection to be honest.

What are your favourite trends this season? Well I’ve always loved cable knit, so that’s definitely one of them. Also loving Burberry’s shearling jackets and anything lace, which is going to be big this season.

To see more of Nyssa's designs or get in touch with her for a tailor made piece, find her on Nyssa Presents on Facebook.

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  1. Makeup artist: Sunkiran Boyle
    Hairstylist: Sara Wheeler & L'Amour Griffiths