Saturday, 2 July 2011

Some clothes I wore today.

I've done so many drafts of outfit posts, but never publish them. They always seem a bit boring. But I've not had an average week, and many aspects of these photos correspond with that so hopefully this is a little more worthwhile... Last night was the performance of Jim Cartwright's 'The Rise and Fall of Little Voice' that a small cast of Inspire Academy over 16's have been working on for months. It's been the main occupant of my mind for ages, and as I was double cast as Mari, it was my night last night. Emotional evening to say the least, going to miss everyone and everything about it so much. We set it in the 1960's which was so fun, there were many trips to charity shops for set and costume shopping, and we had a record player on stage so that LV could sing along to the original records... I could go on about how much I loved this play forever. Felt strange to put on such a plain outfit this morning after and evening of lacquered hair and shift dresses. Despite the excitement and the wonderful audience I was a little sad that all of my girls were elsewhere - Evie in London, the rest in Zante, and a few family members unable to make it. My boy is also galavanting around Europe for a month with a ridiculously heavy rucksack (sure he's going to return looking a bit like Quasimodo), but gave me this 1970's radio before he left. Since, I've found a new appreciation for classical music, and am currently enjoying 70's Saturday on Gold. 
I suppose I should tell you about my clothes. I've been eyeing up these sandals for ages. They're Swedish Hasbeens for H&M and they're perfection to me, for reasons of maximum foot coverage (not a fan of feet, who is?), good Jesus:Fashion ratio, and the fact that they didn't break the bank - half price in fact. I'm only wearing one because I ran over my foot today with a rail at work, blood everywhere. Moving up: shorts. I never wear shorts. Nottingham is infested with girls in tiny high waisted denim shorts with their tanned stick legs allowing plenty of air space between their thighs and the material, and then there's me, going into the vintage shops, coming out in a sulk cause they don't have any I can get up past my knees. These are from Whistles, huge around the waist, but that only helped me stuff in this dress to wear it as a top. Basically, I liked them because they're the first pair I've tried that didn't make me feel like a beached whale. So here's me in the garden with my only friend left in the country, my dog. 
H x

Post face-lick, unimpressed.


  1. 1. Your hair is awesome.
    2. Definitely need to investigate 70s Saturday on Gold, sounds right up my alley!
    3. Your top is the second best place I have seen a sunflower (closely trailing the tallies my Dad once planted at the caravan we used to live in)
    4. The radio! What a lovely gift. You can listen to the 70s through a 70s radio.
    6. The play sounds great, hope the pangs of it being over don't last too long.
    5. OCD list was required to relay this information!

  2. Harriet, I love this post. You look wonderful as always, Gold is my favourite radio station (pushing slightly ahead of Smooth) and I think what completely makes your outfit is the fact that you only wear one sandal. And what a remarkably beautiful sandal it is too. I love you.