Friday, 3 June 2011

First look at Still Small Voice look-book photo shoot.

Last year I took part in a fashion show wearing dresses by Textiles graduates, Laura Smedley and Harriet Foster. Now, a year out of Nottingham Trent University, they have started their own label together: Still Small Voice. They recently asked me to wear their designs for the look-book, and of course I jumped at the opportunity to get in to some lovely dresses. As you can see, they really are the sweetest! 
Digitally printed on silk, each features a quirky illustrative pattern inspired by the animals displayed at Wollaton Hall. I'm not a big fan of oversized things usually, but adored both the styles of dress Harriet and Laura have opted for - they're both really wearable shapes and very adaptable to any occasion. Looking through the photos now I'm trying to pick a favourite but I actually can't... basically this is a very covetable collection, thoughtfully constructed in a colour palette that seems to flatter even my pasty complexion!  
These photos are just a handful of a morning's shoot, with photographer and student Jono Renton. They'll be edited and compiled for the look-book that's being sent off to potential stockists of the collection, which is really exciting, hoping to see these designs in London Boutiques before long - this also means my face is being sent around London which is a bit scary! We had a really relaxed morning, with minimal hair and make-up and several visits from Jono's curious cat, we were all done and off to the pub for a well deserved burger in no time. 
Take a look at these sites and pages for more about Jono and Still Small Voice: 
The Still Small voice Facebook page
The Still Small Voice Blog 
Jono Renton's website
Here's some behind-the-scenes snaps...
Panda the cat, I always find one to stroke. Meow.
Having a preview!
Quick change
Laura on the left and Harriet on the right...and middle.

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